A Tribe Trailer parked in a desert landscape with mountains visible in the background. A Tribe Trailer parked in a mountainous area with a body of water visible in the background.


Tribe Trailers
Who we are and why.

Tribe Trailers is a family-owned business founded by Sean and Brett Maister a father and son adventure team. Tribe is the product of an extreme passion for the outdoors. From the beginning, facilitating ourselves and others' freedom to explore the vast and beautiful country we are lucky to call home has been the goal of Tribe. Our flagship model, the Basecamp trailer, is exactly what we have always dreamed of. The ability to explore the outdoors away from the hustle of the city, while still being able to bring the necessities (and sometimes not so necessities) with us. From the inception of the base camp, Tribe has grown into a well-rounded family of Trailers. The truth of the matter is we love camping in all forms, and because of this love, we have grown from a single trailer, to now offering an array of camping options for every camper.


Sean and Carlos head the sales department at TRIBE trailers, They set up all the shows and all the training and you might see them on just about all the videos.

The adventure never stops there for they use and test the products in the most extreme conditions. Once these products have gone through their testing they are introduced into the wild so that all our TRIBE members feel confident these have been tried and tested and passed.

Why Choose Tribe

Tribes’ main goal will always be to make sure you have the best camping experience possible. What that means is sometimes we will recommend people Trailers or options that we believe would best fit you, and honestly, sometimes that isn’t what we have to offer. Tribe is a small family of Real people who love the outdoors. The reality of most Trailer Manufacturers is they are a massive conglomerate, once their trailer is sold to a dealership, or to you, you are just another figure in their end-of-year report. Here at Tribe, we understand that our customers aren’t only customers. They are real people, with real lives, who share the same passions we do. We want to make sure that we take care of our Tribe as much as we can, whether it’s questions about our trailers, warranties for our mistakes, or just a conversation about camping and traveling; we are here for you. If these are attributes that you are looking for with your trailer company, then we are happy you are a part of our Tribe. If you find something that better suits what you need, then we are just happy you are enjoying nature, we will always wish you happy camping on the trails!

Ours Goals here at tribe
  • To make sure you have the best camping experience possible. 
  • to give you the best quality Trailer at the Lowest possible price 
  • To have you a part of our Tribe, giving you the best service, we can. 
  • Listening to your concerns and needs and making sure we grow from your feedback.