Find answers below to some of our customer's most asked questions about our trailers. 

GENERAL Trailer Questions

Tribe is located in Phoenix Arizona USA.

The best way to Purchase a Tribe Trailer is to contact your local dealer using our dealer locator. If you can not get in contact with your local dealer, feel free to contact us at support@tribetrailers.com

If you have a warranty issue with any of our trailers, please fill out our warranty form located in support- warranty.

All of the Tribe trailers are covered by a industry standard one year warranty. There are exclusions and you should read the warranty disclaimers to see what is covered.

Parts can be purchased on our website. if there is a part you do not see for sale, you can contact us via support@tribetrailers.com and a member of the Tribe team will be happy to assist you!

All the TRIBE trailers need to be winterized.


Option 1 is to plug the trailer into a 110V outlet and connect it to the shore power for the winter.

Option 2 is to remove the batteries and replace them when the winter is over. Make sure you trickle charge the batteries while in storage and before use boost them up.

Option 3 is to connect a trickle charger on a solar system tot he batteries so that it stays charged.

Winterizing the water system:

1. Turn off all water pumps

2. Drain out all the water is the tank.

3. Clear out all water and toilet/shower lines.

Sanitize your toilet system.

This needs to be done at least once every 6 months.

1. Flush out all water from system

2. Use a portable water sanitizing product like Camco tastePure spring fresh water system cleaner.

3. DO NOT USE BLEACH this will cause corrosion.

TRIBE always suggest to check the lugs before you travel and after you set up the basecamp.

We suggest using a "torque wrench" to a 10 ft Lbs.

When you first receive the trailer do a complete inspection and before you travel tighten up the wheel lugs. After the first 50 miles check them again and tighten them up if they are loose. You always tighten them up in a "STAR" pattern.

Always use and carry the following in and on your trailer

1. fire extinguisher

2. Smoke Alarms for the indoor campers (supplied)

3) Propane Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. (Supplied)

4) extensive first aid kits

5) Recovery equipment

This all depends on the trailer that you are towing, below is the best trailer towing guide.



Each Overland or adventure trailer is different and requires different articulating hitches and TRIBE provides you with the "hitch receiver" required for each trailer. (This does not include the ball hitch receivers)

Your vehicle must have the following

1. Hitch receiver

2. 7 pin round wiring female connectors.

3. The right vehicle - your vehicle must be able to tow the trailer safely.

TRIBE suggests an airbag system on most trucks to remove the backweight from the vehicle. If you get the "EL CAP" we highly suggest an airbag system to make sure that the truck stays level.

NOTE: this may void the truck warranty so please read the information from the manufacturer.

The RTT takes about 3 minutes to set up, after you have done this a few times, it can be done in less than a minute.

All of our products are wired on the trailer side with a 7 pin male connector.
This controls the brakes, brake lights, reverse lights, indicators as well as the mandatory light by the license plate.

Before you depart make sure that you test that all of the 7 pin functions are working.

Yes, Canadian OGT customers will be invoiced at a tax rate based on their titling document residence.  See the CRA guidelines: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/businesses/topics/gst-hst-businesses/charge-collect-which-rate/calculator.html


The TRIBE® Trailers are located at many RV dealers across the country. Click on this link to find the closet dealer to you. 

Yes the TRIBE® trailer only weighs approx. 1654Lbs and can be pulled behind practically any vehicle.  Always read the limitations of your vehicle and the attached tow hitch.  Note that when towing you want have the trailer level, not pointing up or down in front/back.  There are many adjustable tow hitches available so that you can adjust the height of the trailers tongue compared to the vehicle.

The TRIBE Basecamp can go anywhere your vehicle can go.  Always know the limitation of your vehicle as well as the trailer.  Practice with the trailer in terrain that is controllable. If you drive the trailer against rocks or deep holes you could damage the trailers suspension so go slow and always be cautious. 

The TRIBE® Basecamp trailer is equipped with a 17.5 Gallon tank.

Yes! Any state that has an authorized Tribe Dealer will have no issues certifying your trailer. If there ever is an issue feel free to contact Tribe!

The VIN# is located on a metal plate on the side wall of the front tongue of the trailer.  You will also see a safety plaque with some safety requirements.

Yes, the Tribe Basecamp trailer is 100% ready for a solar panel system.  Every Basecamp will come with a "solar kit" containing everything you need to connect your solar panels.

The Tribe Basecamp trailer comes with a full kitchen and sink.  The kitchen has dual 10,000 BTU stainless steel burners, and an electric sink directly connected to our 17-gallon water tank. The kitchen also has a slide-out table with stabilizing legs, allowing ample space for your current meal.

The Basecamp comes stock with a fully articulating hitch. A hitch of this style is imperative for any offroad use. As the ground or terrain you drive over changes, your trailer's angle in relation to your car changes as well. Without an articulating hitch, you run the risk of your trailer's hitch breaking, or, your trailer rolling due to these extreme angles.

You can adjust both the Camber and the Toe with the Basecamp trailer. There will be tow eccentric bolts located on the A arm of the trailer. there you will be able to adjust both your camber and toe. please refer to your owners manual for instructions.

Never leave thinking that everything is okay with the trailer especially if you did not check the trailer the last time you went off-road.  Always assume that you need to check everything before you leave.

Think of the trailer like a “Captain” thinks of his ship.  Check everything because if you don’t there could be a failure on the road and you could lose your trailer.

These are just a few checkpoints.

Check to see that the Lugs are tight on the tires. 

Check to see that you have the trailer safely connected to the vehicle and all safety chains are on and the brake and backup lights on the trailer are working. 

Check to see that the tires are in good condition and safe to use.

Check to see if the doors are all locked down and safely stowed.

Check to see if the brakes work on the trailer.

Check to see that there are no loose nuts anywhere on the trailer(mark the nuts with a white marker to make sure they don’t move). 

Check to make sure the tent is secure and locked down so that it does not open during driving.

When disconnecting your Trailer always make sure that you have dropped your jockey wheel and the weight of the trailer is bearing on the wheel, not the hitch. Once the jockey wheel is down, and before anything else is done on the trailer, make sure all four stabilizing legs have been dropped down and are lowered adequately into the ground.

The dimension of this trailer are 143” x 74” x 55” and should fit into a regular size garage.

The current wheels are 15” alloy and the Lug pattern is 5 on 5 or the same as a JEEP® JK.  The Tires are 31x10.5 R15LT off road tires plus a spare located underneath the trailer.

The Tribe Basecamp trailer has two Jerry can holders located in the front passenger side of the trailer. 

Yes! The Basecamp trailer has electric drum brakes that are applied using the 7-pin connector when your vehicle's brakes are applied. to adjust the "braking power" your vehicle will need to be equipped with a Gain Controller. If your vehicle is not equipped with a Gain Controller an aftermarket controller can be purchased, but is not necessary.

Tribe Basecamp trailers come with a 100 A/H deep cycle battery included with the trailer.

The outer finish is similar to LINE-X®, you can go to any LINE-X® location and they will be able to respray the outside of the trailer.

Parts can be purchased on our website. If there is a part you do not see for sale, you can contact us via support@tribetrailers.com and a member of the Tribe team will be happy to assist you!

The Basecamp can accommodate a refrigerator up to 41 inches in length, 17 ½ inches in width, and 21 inches in height.

While the Basecamp doesn't come with a shower, it's easy to install one according to your preferences.

The Basecamp features the Tribe proprietary 10,000 BTU dual burner stove that's ideal for cooking meals during your adventures.

Yes, the Basecamp comes equipped with LED light strips in the kitchen, power, and rear fridge compartment, and four more LEDs on the exterior, ensuring excellent visibility and safety.

Yes, you can charge the Basecamp's battery using your car's seven-pin plug.

Yes, you can replace your Basecamp's battery with a 12V lithium battery.

The Basecamp can comfortably sleep two adults.

Yes, you can! The Basecamp's rooftop tent is designed to provide a warm and dry shelter in all weather conditions.

No, the Basecamp comes equipped with Tribe's custom independent A-arm suspension system that ensures stability and smooth rides.

Yes, you can use the Basecamp's hand pump to access your water tank in case the electric water pump breaks.

Yes, the Basecamp features a hydraulic connector in the trailer that allows you to hook up a shower to the water tank.

Yes, the Basecamp is magnetic.

The Basecamp has a clearance of 16 ½ inches, providing ample space for rough terrains.

The Basecamp has a travel of 6 inches, allowing it to traverse uneven grounds.

The Basecamp features a departure angle of 32 degrees, making it easy to navigate through steep inclines and rough terrains.

Yes, we recommend you use the Bilstein 33-187112 5125 Series Shock Absorber.

Yes, the Basecamp comes with an extra mounting bracket for an additional shock. We recommend you use the Bilstein 33-187112 5125 Series Shock absorber.

The trailer has a tongue weight of only 197 lbs!

Expedition 500™

The Expedition comes equipped with two 100AH AGM batteries.

Yes, the Expedition comes equipped with an air conditioning unit.

No, the trailer is equipped with independent A-Arm suspension which negates the need for an axel.

Yes, the trailer is equipped with a an air conditioning system.

Yes, the Expedition is equipped with a 2.6 GAL diesel heater.

The trailer can comfortably sleep 4.

The trailer sits at 87 inches with the trailer fully lowered and the airbags deflated.

Yes, the Expedition has outdoor and indoor kitchens.

The Expedition 500 comes equipped with 4 100 watt solar panels?

Yes, the Expedition comes with airbags to raise and lower the trailer for extra room for articulation.

The Expedition takes approximately 3 minutes to raise.

No, the stabilizer legs are not meant to be used as jack stands.

Yes, the Expedition 500 has a wet bath with a toilet, shower, and a sink.

It is an electric awning with an optional manual crank if the battery ever dies.

EL CAP™ (Cab over)

The main body is made from polyurethane sandwiched between two fiberglass panels. This allows for a sturdy light construction without sacrificing great insulation.

The El Cap is 127" x 83" and sits in your truck bed. This cabover is designed for a full-size truck with a full-size bed but will fit in short beds with the tailgate down. Please see all the pictures of the product in use.

The EL CAP cabover has a large bed 81" x 53" and a sofa bed 70" x 36" with a roof top tent that is 91" x 55". This allows for 6 people to sleep comfortably in this cabover.

We provide a high-quality diesel heater with a 2.5-gallon external tank. The diesel heater is controlled from the inside and quickly heats up the Cabover making the inside nice a warm for those cold winter camping trips.

Those panels are called "Molle" and they are designed to allow for accessories to be clipped onto the system. Used in military vehicles they are the most versatile system available.

We provide you all the plumbing to hook up two (2) 5 G propane tanks. These are not the larger ones that you use on your gas bbq at home they are the size down. You need to secure both tanks into the metal brackets provided, Connect the gas connections to the tanks. Make sure there are no leaks on the connections by applying soapy water to the connection. Once you have this done and make sure that the gas appliances are in the OFF position put the tank into the ON position. You can then test the gas cooking stove. ALWAYS turn the gas off when not in use or traveling.

We recommend bringing a small collapsible step stool to facilitate getting in and out of the El Cap. The cabover also comes equipped with a collapsible ladder to access your rooftop tent from the exterior.

The cabover has a solar system that charges the internal battery system. The battery is removable and can be used outside of the cabover for external use. The portable battery has a digital meter that shows you all of the information about the battery. This will power all your electrical in the cabover. The battery is located underneath the right hand ledge next to the portable toilet.

TRIBE does not provide refrigeration for most people prefer to get their own system. We have provided a perfect location with straps and a conveniently placed 12V outlet.

Yes, the table has a front handle that quickly collapses the table down. You can remove this table and use this outside if required. The table is also the "middle" section to the sleeping bed on the first level.

TRIBE provides 4 legs that attach to the Cabover to quickly raise and lower the cabovers height. These legs are detachable and can be taken with you or stored in your garage.

Once you connect the Legs to the cabover you can then use the provided hand crank to raise and lower each leg. make sure you work in a STAR pattern making sure that you raise only one leg at a time. A full instruction sheet is on the EL CAP resource page.


Yes, the Traveler comes equipped with 4 gallons of water onboard.

Yes, the Traveler comes equipped with a diesel heater with a 2.5-gallon tank.

The Traveler is only rated for grated/ fire roads. We do produce other off-road capable trailers.

The Traveler includes Tribe's 10,000 BTU stove and sink.

Yes, the Traveler comes with one 100W pre-installed solar panel.

Yes, the Traveler comes with a spare tire mounted in the rear of

The Traveler can comfortably sleep two adults.

The front box is 30 1/4" long by 16 1/4" wide by 19" high. It also has a conveniently placed 12V plug if you choose to use it to stow a fridge.

The Traveler has a 2" ball.

Yes, the Traveler comes with four stabilizer legs, one in each corner of the trailer.

The Traveler is equipped with a seven-pin which will power your brakes, brake lights, and charge your battery.

Explorer™ (rental program)

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.


Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.


Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.